A clean home interior can make a strong first impression on prospective buyers, but only if that home is accompanied by pleasant scents. Odors can make a strong impact on buyers' perceptions of a home, including its level of cleanliness…
Did you know that one-third of all air leakage in a home can be attributed to walls, floors and ceilings? You might think your home is well insulated, but if it has conventional air permeable fiberglass or cellulose insulation, gaps,…
While new homes are being built to be more energy efficient than ever before, thanks to a growing green building movement and increasingly strict building codes, the age of existing dwellings continues to present challenges. More than 40 percent of…
Homeowners continue to seek creative ways to reduce monthly expenses while being more environmentally conscious. Knowing where your money is being spent gives you a better understanding of how and where to make efficiencies.
If you can't decide between spray foam and traditional insulation, such as fiberglass or cellulose, a brief overview can reveal the cost-effectiveness and reliability of each.
Homeowners take on projects to improve their homes for a variety of reasons. Some may do so to make a home more functional, while others may do so to improve their home's resale value
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